Fashionistas the Show



Marceea Moreno - Jesse

Kelly Adkins - Helena

Alin Campan - Antonio 2006-2008

Enrique Lugo- Antonio 2004-2006

Robb Sapienza- Antonio 2005-2006

Michelle Gaftoi - Featured dancer/Helena Understudy

Noelle Naone - Featured dancer/Jesse Understudy

Polina Volchek- Featured dancer/ Aerialist

Rachelle Fournier - Featured dancer

Alexandra Zevalking - Featured dancer

Jill Crook - Aerialist

Oxana Kotliarova - Aerialist

Svetlana Getman - Aerialist, Featured Dancer

Tiffany Adams- Featured Dancer

Dela Coutes- Featured Dancer

Amanda Nowak-Featured Dancer

Danielle Watts- Aerialist

Jennifer Rohlman-Featured Dancer

Katie Tate- Featured Dancer

Marie Miller-Featured Dancer

Jeffrey deBarathy - Antonio Understudy, Dance Captain,

Jeffery Crawford - Featured dancer

Saimir Ilir Avdyli - Featured Dancer, Swing,

Eric George - Featured Dancer, Promotions

John Cook - Featured Dancer

Ricardo Gaftoi - Featured Dancer

Stephan Reynolds - Featured Dancer

Octavio- Featured Dancer


Production Crew

Director/Producer - John Stagliano

Asistant Director/ Show Manager - Yanco Inone

Choreographer - Nick Navarro

Choreographer - Enrique Lugo

Wardrobe Designer - Jose Luis Vinas

Wardrobe Supervisor - Jose Dornini

Set Design & Staging, Operations Supervisor- Dale Larsen

Assistant Producer/ Assistant to the Director - Karen Stagliano

September Dawn (Chameleons Designs)

Syren (Original Latex Designs)

Steel Blue (Leather Designs)

667 (Leather Designs)

I-ON Production Group - Pieter Grove (Director of Wardrobe Construction)

Shari Hudson, Maria Faustino, Irene Taboa, Sonia Spassmascher, Greta Golmassian (Wardrobe)

Philip Millaudon– (Stage Crew Supervisor)

Dan Hanna- (Stage Crew)

Tyler Rodil– (Stage Crew)

Konstantine Melnechenko– (Stage Crew)

Adam Bowlin (Lighting chief)

Chris Shell (light board operator)

Desert Rigging (Rigging Supplies)

True Roll (Theatrical Technology)

Black Sheep (Stage Drapes)

Foam Tech – Sacred Ground Cage Construction

James LaCasse - Sculpture Design of Cage Statues

Chroma Graphics – DVD and Computer Design

Innovative Design Technology – Video Wall Technology

Glenn Baren – Photography

Jan Deen - Photography

Art Attack Design - Fashionistas logo

Accounting - Jose Nunez

Special thanks to, E.A. Productions, Belladonna, Rocco Siffredi, and the cast of the film.

And thank you to Mr. Sia Amiri and everyone at KRAVE for helping bring the Fashionistas to life.

All Images ©2005-2010, John Stagliano. All Rights Reserved.