Fashionistas the Show Reviews

John Stagliano's'The Fashionistas' Brings A Different Kind Of Show To Las Vegas

Las Vegas Tribune [Orignal Article]

John Stagliano is a bit of an enigma. He has made his name in the adult film industry. He has been so successful that he could, in fact, retire and never work again. There has been, though, a dream and a desire that has kept nagging at himto produce a live dance showa far cry from the industry to which he is accustomed.

Stagliano majored in Economics in school, but loved taking dance classes. His love of dance inspired him, and he wanted to produce a dance show, but money was a problem. He was hired as a Chippendale dancer, and later worked as a male stripper. From there, he got involved in the porn industry and shortly thereafter got the opportunity to produce films. He was now sidetracked. He found that he had a knack for producing adult videos. His success led to more films and he received many accolades including multiple AVN awards.

"What I really wanted to do was make enough money shooting adult films so I could produce a dance show that used dance to tell a story, kind of like a musical, but with no singing, and no dialogue. Well, I never felt ready to do that kind of show until now."

Currently, Stagliano is married and has a small child, with this; the direction of his life has become modified. "I'm in a position that I can now produce the dance show that I've always wanted," says Stagliano. "I could sit back and play golf everyday, but I want to instill in my daughter a good work ethic and lead by example. I want to be able to bring my daughter to work and show her a project that I'm working on." He has now created that possibility with the production of "The Fashionistas."

"The Fashionistas" is a dance show based on the adult film, "The Fashionistas." It is a story about a young girl in the fashion business who is desperately trying to succeed professionally. A famous male designer entrances her, and the story follows her creative attempts to seduce him. There is a love triangle between her, her career-driven female boss, and the male designer. This is a story, for the movie at least, appealed to a sophisticated couple's audience.

There are two fashion shows presented in the context of the story. One is a normal high fashion show with some wild designs and some more practical, but sexy designs. Later, there is a fetish fashion show, where extraordinary fetish clothes of all kinds are shown.

"It is the dream of a lifetime for me to do this show," says Stagliano.

"The Fashionistas" opened inside the KRAVE nightclub, but Stagliano hopes that this will not just be a "Vegas" show. There is the hope for a broader base appeal and possibly productions in other cities. "Let's just get this one off the ground."

The production has a talented cast and good support. We wish him well.