Fashionistas the Show Reviews

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By Richard Abowitz
Las Vegas Weekly [Original Article]

Two things make The Fashionistas unique in Las Vegas entertainment history. Most obvious is that it is a modern dance interpretation of an epic porno film. And as is implied by that, there is the more profound truth about The Fashionistas, that while every other show on the Strip was produced based on an informed guess as to what people want to pay to see, The Fashionistas brings to the stage the production show that legendary adult filmmaker John Stagliano wanted to make without any commercial consideration.

Surprisingly, the result is the hottest, sexiest and most critically acclaimed adult show currently available. The Fashionistas stacks the deck with top production values (set changes, lighting, giant projection screen) usually associated with far larger rooms, outrageous and varied costumes, and a huge cast that even includes aerialists. The story involves a love triangle between two girls and a guy, and since all three are exceedingly horny and kinky, the plot can be a bit hard to follow. Amazingly, Stagliano tells this story without dialogue (or nudity), allowing the primarily industrial soundtrack and technically superb dancing and effects to carry the story along.

About to reach its one-year anniversary against all odds, it seems this extraordinary show has found its niche.