Fashionistas the Show
Jeffery DeBarthy, Dance Captain
Jeffery DeBarthyJeffery DeBarthy
Dance Captain & Antonio understudy

Q. Where were you born/Where did you grow up?
A. Butte, Montana
Q. Age?
A. 24 years
Q. Studied dance for how long?
A. steady for the last 14 years
Q. How old were you when you took your first dance class?
A. 3 years old - tap
Q. Favorite type of dance?
A. Jazz, hip-hop, tumbling
Q. Any favorite dance experiences or jobs?

A. Worked as Michael Jackson's stand-in for a video.Traveled all over the world dancing

(Europe, China, Hawaii, Alaska, etc).Worked as a tumbling instructor in Butte before leaving to work on Celebrity Cruise Lines at 19 years old.

Q. Favorite type of music?
A. All types
Q. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 things would you wish for?
A. 1)Pauline 2)Sid 3)Wendy 4)Thomasina 5)Binx

And finally, to the audience... Thanks for your support and enjoy the show!!!

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