Fashionistas the Show

Since opening in October of 2004, Fashionistas the Show has garnered rave reviews from local and national critics alike. It is the only show of it's kind and a welcome addition to the Las Vegas entertainment landscape.

Fashionistas the Show Reviews

Buttman Does Vegas

Porn mogul John Stagliano has reinvented himself for the moment as a Vegas impresario with his dazzling, arty Strip show The Fashionistas. But will the risky venture succeed? Richard Abowitz spent weeks behind the scenes to document the show's creation.

By Richard Abowitz, Las Vegas Weekly

Despite having sent feelers through a mutual friend, adult actress Caroline Pierce, and being repeatedly assured by the publicist for The Fashionistas of John Stagliano's undying enthusiasm for this story, my first meeting with the infamous porn icon know as "Buttman" now reinvented as a Las Vegas show producer and director was a disaster. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE

SHOW REVIEW: Adult shows could learn from 'The Fashionistas'

The S&M love story at the Krave nightclub has a focused, committed vision, but could use a better start time

By Mike Weatherford, REVIEW-JOURNAL

A pornographer has just embarrassed a lot of people.

Adult video mogul John Stagliano has shown the producers of "Skintight," "Midnight Fantasy," "Bite" and even "Zumanity" what a real Las Vegas adult show can be, if one is not concerned with selling tickets to charter planes of tourists.

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